Internet and Web Development

I am a dedicated Web Architect and Developer seeking a position to utilize my 15 years of development skills ranging from concept and design to implementation and execution.  My skill-set includes coding for both front- and back-ends of web sites and software, content/database administration an project management. I have used several open-source web software systems and I have also been developing my own data management app from the ground up. I am an effective manger of my own time and I have experience working with and managing remote co-workers.

Creative Pesentation and Animation

I have serveral interactive media presentations and creative works that demonstrate some of my animation concepts, motion-graphics work and video editing projects. I am proficient with Flash as well as Actionscript and have experience with Cinema 4D, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Print Design

I have spent several years in the publishing indusrty and have mastered the use of Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign. I have worked on catalogs, magazines, book covers, and advertising materials.


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